Why become an aesthetic Injector in Connecticut

Why become an aesthetic Injector in Connecticut? Benefits, pros and cons

Posted on May 04, 2023 by Emma Robinson

If you’re looking for a career in an industry that gives you a flexible schedule and high income, becoming an aesthetic injector in Connecticut might be a great option for you. Injectors are medical professionals who have been trained to treat client’s aesthetic concerns through the use of products such as Botox and dermal fillers. Training in courses to learn to inject botox and fillers can lead to an incredible career with many advantages:

  • High demand – job security!
  • High earning potential
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Education and Growth
  • Job satisfaction

Benefits of becoming an aesthetic injector in Connecticut:

High Demand

Aesthetic medicine in Connecticut as well as throughout the country, is one of the fastest growing industries – with an estimate to grow at a rate of 13%* by 2030! Add to that, the fact that the WHO estimates that 1 in 6 people will also be over the age of 60 by that point (with disposable incomes). In addition to this, demand for non-invasive cosmetic treatments is the highest growth segment of the cosmetic industry*. This means a tremendous amount of job opportunities and high demand for those who are trained as aesthetic injectors in Connecticut.

High earning potential

An aesthetic nurse salary is significantly higher than nurses who work in hospital settings*. Generally nurses receive an hourly rate or annual salary, but an aesthetic injector in Connecticut usually makes a commission on the treatments they do in addition to that hourly rate. This enables an injector to have control over their income – there’s virtually no limit to how much you can grow!

Flexible scheduling

Life work balance can improve if a nurse can learn to do botox and dermal fillers. Since schedules are flexible, usually based on an injectors availability, it means no more long shifts and that 9-5 grind day to day. Of course your income is also tied to how much you work, so its important to take that into consideration.

Education and Growth

The exciting thing about the field of aesthetics is the vast room for learning and growth. A result of this booming industry is the innovation and new technologies that are constantly emerging. This, in addition to treatment techniques evolving, means an injector’s skills will always continue to develop, deepen and improve. No boredom here!

Job Satisfaction

Finally, one of the biggest motivators for training in aesthetics is the job satisfaction. The merge between medicine and art challenges and inspires injectors leading to a sense of fulfillment and autonomy. Combine that with all the other advantages, training in botox and fillers is an obvious step for medical professionals needing a change in their careers.


  • Licensing and Certifications
  • Physical Demands
  • Benefits

Licensing and Certifications

Something to be aware of are the state and federal requirements for individuals who wish to become a nurse injector. These laws and requirements vary state to state so learning the laws is an important factor to consider. In Connecticut, medical providers who are RN’s, APRN’s, PA’s, and MD’s are able to inject botox and fillers with the appropriate oversight. Learning the basics of injecting through training programs will teach you important basic skills before you apply for your first job.

Physical Demands

Aesthetic injectors can spend long hours on their feet in positions that can create physical strain. In addition to that, fine motor skills and a keen aesthetic eye are vital for success in this field.


One of the downsides with this field of medicine is that benefits are not always provided. While that can be a financial hit for some, the commissions can more than make up for that over time.

So, if you are a medical provider looking for a career change or adding some supplemental income, aesthetics may be for you. The first step is to sign up for an introductory course in Botox to learn injection basics. If you are able, its a good idea to also include an introductory course in fillers. These two courses will give you the basic skills to start your career.

Aesthetics injecting, an exciting career combining art and science!






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