Learn to be an injector

Learn to be an injector

Posted on June 10, 2023 by Emma Robinson

How to Become an Aesthetic Injector

The field of aesthetics is one of the fastest growing industries with estimates of about a 13% growth by 2030, with injectables being the sector seeing the greatest increase. This, along with the fact that it’s one of the few medical positions where art intersects with medicine, makes it an alluring career choice for many medical providers. Add to that a flexible schedule, predictable hours and the potential for high earnings, its a no brainer! But… how do you start??

Shoot, I’m not a medical provider!

One of the first requirements for any medical provider who wants to learn to inject botox is to make sure that you meet your state’s legal requirements. To inject botox in Connecticut, you must have an active license as an RN, a PA, an APRN, DDM, DDS or an MD. If you don’t meet those requirements, there are plenty of post graduate course where you can get your RN degree. These programs typically take 1-2 years and are partially online, allowing you to work while pursing your degree. While it might sound daunting… time flies! Once you have that degree you’ll find many doors open with all kinds of opportunities.

Sounds fun but I don’t know much about it…

If you are currently a medical provider but have never injected before there are a few steps recommended to get started. Start by seeking out top injectors on social media. While it sounds simple, simply observing what injectors are currently doing in the field will give you more information as to whether this is the right path for you. Many injectors have accounts on Youtube and Patreon which instruct people on injecting techniques, a great way to get an overview of the field.

Yes!! I want to do this!!

Once you are sure you want to become an aesthetic injector, the place to start is to learn to inject botox first. These days, there is no shortage of botox training courses in Norwalk CT, in fact, many can be found online. Be selective about which course you take however. Its important to find a botox course that enables lots of hands on injecting time and keeps the classes small. The best way to become a strong and safe injector is to inject as much as possible! Once you complete an intro to botox course you are well on your way to becoming an injector.

What next??

So, you’ve completed your botox course but don’t know what to do next. Practice practice practice!! This is important to do immediately after you learn to inject botox so you don’t lose the skills you gained from your botox course. Finding a training center to learn to inject botox in a variety of settings is a huge benefit. Shadowing an injector and taking private injecting courses give additional exposure and hands on practice, both of which are vital for developing your skills as an injector!

I managed to learn how to inject botox, now what?

Once you are proficient with botox injections, a great next step is to learn how to inject fillers. Dermal fillers are a more complex treatment with higher risks which is why its good to learn to inject botox first. In order to learn to inject fillers, find an intro to injecting fillers course. Similar to an intro to botox course, this will give you the basics on how fillers work and what the risks and advantages of using them are.

I was able to learn to inject botox and fillers…. How do I get a job??

By taking these courses you’re going to have an advantage over many other medical providers. When a Med Spa hires a new injector, there are usually 1-2 years without any profit since it takes time for a new injector to learn how to inject and grow a client base. By already knowing the basics you’ll have an edge over other injectors who have no experience making you a stronger candidate to the Med Spa. Look for internship opportunities. Go to Med Spa’s and ask if they have opportunities for internships or take a lower position to get your foot in the door. Plus, working in a lower role will give you lots of exposure and learning opportunities that many injectors won’t have. Once you’re with a Med Spa you become an asset to them – they’ve invested time training you, so they won’t want you to leave. It’s much more appealing to a Med Spa to hire from within an organization than to have to go outside for new hires.

Good luck on your next adventure!!

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