My Journey to Aesthetics

My Journey to Aesthetics

Posted on June 12, 2023 by Emma Robinson

Any nurse will tell you, the path you take in nursing is not always what you think it will be, My case was no different.

If you are interested in how to get into aesthetics or want to learn to inject botox, the first step is to get a medical degree. I chose to go back to school later in life, with the hope of finding a career that would always have job opportunities and provide predictable income. As a single mom, it was vital not only that I had that but that, but that I also found something that would be possible to learn relatively quickly. What better choice than nursing! (Now one issue I did overlook was the physical demands – nursing is far from an easy profession!!)

Going back to school so late in life definitely challenged my ego, but I quickly got over that as I saw the progress I was making and realized I loved the field. Like many of my much younger peers, I wasn’t sure what specific specialty I would go into once I graduated. In the end, I got my degree with virtually no direction in mind.

A classmate of mine approached me soon after graduation and suggested we go to a botox training in Norwalk or Stamford to see what it was all about. I knew very little about aesthetics so I was curious. Doing botox training in Norwalk seemed like great place to start and I figured, why not? In the meantime, I could also apply for a more traditional nursing position.

We ended up doing our botox training in Stamford, and, once we had our certificates, I was excited to get started! But before I felt comfortable enough to start injecting botox independently, I needed to learn more about the anatomy. In addition to the course where I was able to train to do botox, I also bought anatomy books and asked the physicians I worked with lots of questions. The botox training in Connecticut gave me the foundational skills and a certificate in order to jumpstart my career but my experience in the hospital also gave me skills that I use today.

One caveat to being able to inject botox in Connecticut as an RN, is that its necessary to have a physician who’s license you work under as your medical director. This can be achieved by getting a job at a med spa or finding a physician who is willing to build something with you, I was fortunate in that my mom was a physician. This gave me the opportunity to begin to inject in her office under her license. Of course I wasn’t satisfied as I craved autonomy. I knew the only way to get that was to continue my education and become a nurse practitioner.

While slowly building a part-time practice after work at the hospital, I began an APRN program that would ultimately take me three years to complete. Once I got my degree, I was able to fly solo (well almost solo, there are still a few other state requirements for APRN’s to become solo practitioners). Also, while an APRN can inject botox in Connecticut, there are many states where a medical director is still required. It’s always important to consult with an attorney familiar with your state’s laws and regulations.

Ultimately, I took a circuitous path to arrive in aesthetics but it’s been worth every second. I now have three med spa locations and offer botox training in Norwalk at our teaching academy.

If you’re interested in this field and are already a medical provider, the best first step is to sign up for a course and train to do botox. If you like it, then try to find a med spa thats hiring any positions. Don’t be afraid to take a position that seems below your skill levels. The most important thing is to get yourself in the door as most spa’s would prefer to hire/promote from within than go outside.

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